Grosvenors Fish Bar- Norwich

I’m sure if you are local to Norwich this place needs no introduction. Ranking number 1 in the list of best restaurants in Norwich this fish bar is simply great!

I absolutely love it.

Considering Fish Chips is a fairly standard takeaway I’m pretty fussy. Saturday chip-shop lunch was a big thing growing up- we had it as a treat. We always went to the same chip shop as no one else cooked their chips like them. My mum swears it’s to do with how often they change their oil. I would put Grosvenors on par with them – it is hard to beat old school nostalgia.

This isnt just a standard fish and chip shop though so don’t be fooled.

Of course they do everything you expect a chip shop to do but they also offer some little gems, like their 5 Quid Squid (crispy squid rings with garlic aioli and chips), Wako Taco (spicy steamed cod wrap with salsa, lettuce, cheese and sour cream) and Loony Toony (battered tuna steak with lettuce and wasabi mayo in a roll), plus many more.

I particularly love the F’sh Roll – Cod goujon with lettuce and tartare in a roll

If you’re looking for that traditional dish they have it but I like that they offer so many alternatives that you can’t get elsewhere.


The shop itself has a great feel to it. You can grab a takeaway or you can sit downstairs in the bunker, at no extra cost.

Alternatively, if you want a drink (something alcoholic) with your meal you can take your food over( or order it and have it brought to you) at the Bridcage next door.

Just writing this makes me want to go there now.

Simply great fish and chips with little gem alternatives.

The fact that sometimes the queue is out the door and down the road speaks volumes. Also I love Tobasco and they offer a variety.







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