Woolf & Bird – Norwich

I nipped into Woolf & Bird for a spot of lunch with my friend.

We decided to share the Buffalo wings and chicken strips with a side of fries each, washed down with a can of Ting (I love this nostalgic Caribbean grapefruit fizzy drink).

The chicken strips are made using locally sourced Norfolk chicken breast which is brined in earl grey for 24 hours. I know what you’re thinking – that’s going to taste weird. Well let me tell you it didn’t. It makes the chicken so soft and tender.

I have a real passion for chicken wings, so much so that I would seriously consider them as a contender for my death row meal. Surely we have all considered what our last meal would be if we could pick it. These did not disappoint.

The dips (Sriracha mayo, hot sauce, Binham blue cheese dip) were equally as good! I’m a sucker for a dip.

I love the presentation – American diner baskets. They give it a fast-food feel but with quality ingredients.

Visited: May ’17

Overall this place is great to feed your chicken needs. Fast-food upgraded. They also provide a takeaway service.

#Norwich #Chicken #Wings #Fried #Ting #Buffalowings #Fries


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